Clearing out dual boot system.


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Hey guys so I installed Kubuntu 10.10 for a programming class and since the class is over and I don't really use it I was wondering how I can uninstall it. It's setup so that to start Kubuntu I have to shut down my computer and manually choose to boot Kubuntu vs. Vista; not sure if that's the proper way but it's the way I've found that works.


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Welcome to CF, I think Kubuntu would install something like grub bootloader in. if you want to remove it, then you got to have a vista disc to overwrite the grub loader and rewrite it to boot windows vista. once youve boot the vista disk you go to the repair and type in the command in command prompt "Bootrec.exe /Fixmbr" (dont add the double apostrphes). after a successful write, reboot your system and it should boot your vista, then you just right click the my computer, then click manage, then click on disk management and format your kubuntu harddrive space ( should be the unrecognised one). It seems to be a long process thats the only way I know, hope this helps and best of luck.