Cleaning out my comp, without full restore


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I have had my PC now for about 2 years. It runs great most of the time, disregarding occassional spyware and viruses. I use AVG for my virus software and ad-aware, spy bot and hijack this for the rest. My issue is, when I run most of these programs, I see them searching for problems in folders that I really don't want in my comp. Things that were either stored there from spyware or whatever else. Is there any way to have my system start from almost scratch, but being able to salvage all of my music, pictures and select programs? I feel like this thing just needs a serious cleanout. Thanks!

just backup all your music and important files to CD's, a flash drive, an external HDD, etc.

then just put in your XP\Vista install disk and format it, then just put your stuff back on. just make sure you have everything you want before you format it though.