clean install with xp home upgrade cd?

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I want (need) to do a clean install of win xp home, problem is that I've got an upgrade cd of xp, and when I start the insallation of xp it asks for a cd of win 98 or other product that gives me the right to install xp. But don't have a cd with 98 me or 2000 lying around here. so is there a way to install xp without "showing"xp that cd??
Not that I know of. You will need to prove you own a previous version of windows.

ok has anyone you know at all got any windows install CD's? cos you will need at least one previous operating system, I don't think it would be illegal to just have an operating system for maybe half an hour so you can install XP.
anyway how long have you had your computer, if its older than XP wouldn't it have come with another operating system?
when you install XP you will need the internet to register

do you know what i had to do last night (date 13th June), bakup all user profiles to a folder, install windows 98 for 10 minutes, then install winXP home upgrade then get all the settings back and have the whole computer up and running like it used to including broadband internet and it only took about 3 hours. by the way our computer is 4 years old, came with 98 and its still got excess performance for XP and all its enhancements
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