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I'm interested in what they do. Can someone please tell me exactly what CISCO engineers do, how well they are paid, their hours, certifications needed, how to become one.

I'm also interested in other CISCO jobs.
I started CISCO at college (CCNA)

It is all web based learning but pretty intense

you learn how computers communicate from the base level up

it ranges from the way information is trasferred to the hardware (and installation of it) which does the job

Its very interesting and from what i hear can pay very well the more qualified you get

chuck in a couple of microsoft certifications and your laughing.

Its a good idea to study for CISCO through a college or something or get your current employer to foot the bill because it costs a fortune to do it privately with CISCO themselves

hope this helps
I'm currently going to junior year in my high school career and learning about cisco this upcoming year. I just want to know what do they do? and what should i focus on.
Your CCNA will look good for an entry level job, but if the big money is what you want, you'll definitely want to get into bare minimum some CCNP stuff (Advanced Routing and Switching, and TONS of specializations), and the real dollars are CCIE's. If you're serious about it, I'd recommend getting on EBAY and buying a CCIE kit, which is usually several routers (2500's and 2600's) several switches (layer 2 and 3 switches), some kind of frame-relay simulator (adtran, etc) and possibly some modems and misc equip. It will be well worth your money and you'll be able to probably sell it for what you paid for it. I personally know CCIE consultants making $350K+ /year. If you're good at what you do, you can make good money. :cool:
I am oing CCNA now and i am onto the second semester or part 2>to explain al the infomation you need go to or go to no www or http!

also i an1 that i doing ccna semester 2 post here and tellus ur scores!
I'm done with my CCNA and taking the exam this September. The best software simulator you can have without buying equipment is Network Visualizer 4.0

CCNA1-deals mostly with the fundamental issue, network terminology and protocols, LANS,WANS, OSI/TCP model, network standard.

CCNA2-is really fun, this is when you get to configure the routers, learn about its IOS, routing protocol (Distance Vector),TCP/IP and access list.

CCNA3-slightly longer, most people think it's the hardest part. There is more configuration on the router and switches. IP addressing techique like VLSM, implementing routing protocol (RIPv2,OSPF,IGRP,EIGRP),VLAN,trunking,

CCNA4-easy. Mostly network terminology again. NAT and PAT,DHCP, PPP,ISDN,DDR,Frame Relay,network managment.
Yeah right, Jesus couldn't get CCIE if he had Hawking passing him the answers.
Yea, i have taken CCNA class up to CCNA 4 in HS, but yea its pretty cool, i like it, i'm going to study some more then go for the Cert.
A general description of what a CISCO engineer does is simple. An Engineer solves problems! Cisco is the worlds leader in IT network services and products. So you solve problems with networks that are using their equiptment. Dont stop at CCNA go to at least CCNP and remember there are several areas to get that certification in. Here is a direct link to a table that shows the CISCO certifications field areas "" Enjoy! Go for the CCIE!!!!!!!!
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