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Ive recently started to use chrome and think its very good, but one thing annoys me a little, when your in a forum and your viewing a certain area on the site, when you click back firefox used to automatically return to the same position on the screen, where as chrome always returns to the top, so you then have to keep finding the same place on the site.

Is there any option ive missed or is it something that you just have to put up with?
I am sorry i dont quite understand. Cause i use Chrome constantly and i dont have this behavior. Are you using a mouse click, the Alt+Left Arrow or the back button on the browser itself?
Like in forums for example, if i scroll down to the bottom of the page and click something and think to myself, actually i want to go back to the previous page near the bottom again, it wont return to the bottom so ill then have to scroll all the way down again after clicking back
Mak understood what you were asking, he was just trying to clarify HOW you were going back to the previous page (e.g back button, alt-left, etc)

Yes Chrome does support this, just tested it now. Both the actual back button and alt+left
It has to be something on your system. As i used every method to go back. It goes right back to whereit was. It doesnt jump to the top of the page and i have not setup any special settings to achieve this.
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