Christmas break

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... starts after school this Friday for me.


I ain't gonna be having fun this year's break - I gonna be working on three projects to complete during the next couple months, which will eat a portion of my free time. :mad: :mad:

But for the rest, it's for everyone else to get hammered for the new year. :D
Ive got to work on christmas day (again) :(

Just to keep this forum going and keep you all happy :) lol
I guess that i'm too old to get a "christmas break" anymore, but i'm talking Christmas & New Years Eve and Day off!! I'm gonna party it up like you wouldn't beleive! 2003's gonna be here soon! I guess that means I don't have to worry about all my screw-ups from 02!! Oh well, i guess I could file my tax return in a while, extra $1000+ bucks for me! HOORAY!!! What should I buy?
What could you buy? hmmmm you could buy $1000 worth of goods at the tech forums store :D
I'll probably buy a tf coffee mug or something...:) Maybe more :D

Dante, What's a pressie?
Ok i get it, But if i buy 1 person a "pressie" I have to buy everone one!! I don't think Capital One would like my Visa card going from about a $40 balance to about $400,000 balance (like that even workk) hahaha...
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