Choosing the right onboard VGA/chipset. Having trouble.


In Runtime

I've spent several hours trying to understand the available onboard VGA available on microATX motherboards. I'm planning to get a microATX board and my only requirements really are that it's socket AM2, has an nVidia chipset and nVidia onboard VGA (only because i've always used nVidia chipsets/GPUs and AMD CPUs and never had a problem).

There seems to be a vast array of slight variations with seemingly little difference on raw graphical power, whilst offering different functions such as a HDMI slot, which i really don't need. I'm very confused about it all as i don't really need any extras

Anyway, i've been looking at ASUS and Abit (i don't know why Abit because i've used two boards from them before and both have had problems). They seem to offer the best microATX boards. Gigabyte also do some good ones. How effective is onboard VGA? I'm not planning on gaming but it would be nice to have the option of playing non-power intensive games.

I just hoped i could get some help picking out a board as i'm getting rather fed up.