Choosing a monitor


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Hi all, new here.

I'm looking to buy a new monitor, for gaming, content creation and watching movies/tv-shows.
Thought i'd go Ultrawide..

But i can't choose between the BENQ EX3501R and the LG34GK950F.

Can someone maybe tell me some pro's and cons?
My biggest concerns are:
The IPS glow on the LG panel, which some describe as terrible but others don't seem to have a problem..
The refresh rate- BENQ: 100Hz LG: 144Hz..
The Price.. Current price (In the Netherlands - Europe) BENQ: €600,- LG: €1000,-

I own an NVIDIA card but G-SYNC now works with AMD's FreeSync which both panels have so that's no problem.

Really hope to hear from someone!!
Thanks in advance!