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xx cobra xx said:
you are the site maker goo away its bull


anyways if what you say is true then hope things work out. Too bad most things like this are scams.

If those are your kids, you got some nice looking kids.


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Everything I posted is the god honest truth. I am not a scammer. I just need help. I not sure where else to turn so I made a web site. I had no idea I would be met with such negativity. I have posted this on a few site but many think I am a scammer but I am not. My daughters name is Taylar and my son is wyatt. I am truely scared my daughter will be hurt or something and we wont beable to find her mother in time. I need to adopt her and I truely want to adopt her. But all the lawyers want $2000 if its a simple adoption (which it wond be) so they want $5000 to start. I am not scamming anyone, I guess if no one wants to help its ok. Not sure what I will do though, I am not asking for anything major on my web site just $1 dollar. I mean who cant afford $1 to help possible save a little girl, or worse case make her safe.

Any ways I am sorry for those that are upset.

I can't afford $1, but I wish you best of luck, as long as it isn't a scam!!!

If it is a scam, all I can say is that you have a sick mind.


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i can not be botherd to read your website why does your kids need our money?

Has anybody sent you money yet i guess not ... welcome to CF


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Long story short my now ex-wife got addicted to some serious drugs. I work evening so I didnt have much of an idea what was going on. I tried to get her help. She left the kids at a drug house that got raided and the police called me to pick them up. The kids were being watched by an escaped convict using drugs. One day she took the kids cleaned out the bank account. I didnt see or hear from them for a week or so.
I got the kids back and got a divorce and restraining order. Well I am not my daughters biological father so I cant register in school or authorize medical proceedures. So if we get in an accident and she is seriously hurt she wont get medical attention till we find her mother (who is now a full blow drug addict and who knows where she is).

I need to adopt my daughter so I have full parental rights but ever lawyer I go to tells me it will be $5000 - $10000 depending on how hard it is to find my ex wife and if she fights the adoption.

I have a decent job but I just cant afford this. I am claiming bankruptcy because I cant afford my morgage anymore. I decided to make a web site and ask ppl to donate $1 to help pay for the adoption. I just made the web site and put it up a few days ago.

Well that it in a nut shell.
for more go to

I am not trying to scam anyone. I will galdly talk to anyone or email anyone or what ever. This is for my kids not me. They have been through SO much with thier mother. I think my daughter really deserves to be adopted and know she is safe if god forbid something happens.



he is being a bull, ill tel you why, they story makes no sence, and you can make websites and you paid to make that website there 4 you would go to a good job or home business were you can make web pages and earn alot of money. but you do that aswell as scam