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Sounds like the Lindows machines they were selling a few years ago.....I dunno, it looks like alot of the generic PC's being sold these days. If I bought it, I would only use it for overclocking or modding.
They are pieces of junk. Its cool that they are selling Lindows PC's, but the parts they are using are very sub-par.
Heh --

Yeah, I mean it is about the bottom of the barrell when it comes to the components and accessories. I just thought it was pretty cool that walmart is selling PCs with Linux on it.

Can you imagine the poor folks that don't know what their getting. Apparently the OS is designed to look and feel just like windows XP (just short of a lawsuit).
Lindows is pretty much a POS for now - too many compatibility problems I suppose. Best way if you really want Windoze and Linux is to run a dual-boot, which isn't too exceedingly hard to do.
Yeah, Lindows is pretty much garbage. They're mainly concentrating on getting it to run MS Office, which it does just fine, but it doesn't run too many other windows apps. Although I did enjoy running Progman.exe and being asked "Are you sure you want to exit Windows?" when I quit :) (not that I couldn't do that on any other Linux system running Wine)
The system has a VIA C-3 processor. VIA has been out of the CPU race because they could not keep up with Intel and AMD. They mainly make chipsets for Intel and AMD processors.
only good for businesses who need machines and or/servers with low power comsumption, low noise production and low heat dissipation.

The FPU performance of the VIA C3 is terrible - gotta stay away even if you're a casual gamer.
Best place to buy (and test) better computers than your selection by going to an auction, where large quantiies dumped by corporates go for almost nothing.
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