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No go on the RAM, pqi doesn't make good stuff, go crucial, corsair, or OCZ.

Mobo- get none they are not known brands get abit or msi.

Video card - almost the same id get the abit.\

Nice hard drive and psu


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For the vid card go with the abit one. I don't like sapphire so much, and the abit one has gddr3 memory instead of the sapphires ddr.
And for the memory u might want to think about getting 2x512 and make sure they are dual channel. 2x512 on dual channel will be faster than the 1024 one.


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Get the OCZ RAM. The lower your latency, the better off you'll be. On Athlon 64 systems, the XMS will operate at 2.5 CAS latency. Meanwhile, the OCZ will run at 2 CAS latency. That's a 33% difference there.


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I would go with an ASUS or MSI motherboard

OCZ memory for sure, not the value ram either.

Out of the two vid cards, go for the ABIT, it has the better memory

Are you a serious gamer? If you are then consider the SLI.... if not then just go with PCI Xpress, it's still damn good.

Go with the samsung HD, they are good and fast

As for the CD drive, I dont really like Liteon. I had to replace 2 of the drives as they went out on me. I would go with something more namebrand, they are still fairly cheap with what you are looking for. Sony has always been good for me.