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~mr mixx~

The Candyman
Well the over all theme looks good, But as for the spam section...That's just a accident waiting to happen. Spam is frowned apon here at CF, because this is a computer forum.

But as for your place, it is ok i guess, cause it's a personal web site..As far as the title for the web site...Hmmm Not shure .


In Runtime
Oh, you were looking at the wrong forum. Right site, jsut wrong forum lol. Heres why. say forum 1 was the main, and forum 2 is an old one.

i backed up my FORUM 1, then i used restore on the forum to bring alive FORUM 2, because i needed to get something off it. Then, I tried to log in, and pop, error. I couldnt log in. So i was screwed. Then i donwloaded a cookie MOD, then installed that, then i could fix the forum, then i restored back to FORUM 1.

So now, if you go there, you should see that it is called BoneDeath Forums.

Ok lol (i should change my signature lol, i dont even use those sites anymore lmao)