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What do you think?

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could be a lot better...what store is that from? best buy? (no offenese intended).
You can't get Opterons from Best Buy, huh! I got the 2 GB RAM free and I'm getting 2 GB of DDR333 free also. So, it is natural that I would go with an Opteron. Plus, the Foxconn board has the overclocking options I want and all the features I want also.

I'm only buying the motherboard, processor, and heatsink, you know.
I think it looks good.... But do you have the skills to build complex stuff on Maya that will take advantage of the 4 gb?? :rolleyes:

but that does not matter the more ram the better.
if u want to overclock, dont get 2 gigs of RAM, its horrible to OC with. if u want to overlcock, get a DFI mobo. and if u r planning to game, get an athlon 64
My gaming is not like everyone here. I don't game on computer that much. The Opterons don't oc that high anyway. I'll be happy with a minimal overclock. I'm not very much worried about the cpu clock, but more about the base clock. I'm not going to put 4 GB in there. I'm going to replace the 266 with the 333 once I get it. In Maya, I'm a beginner. I just have that RAM and I can't sell it, but I can use it. It is the only way I can get an SLI board and the newest technology. I'm set for Dual-Core and everything.
err whats your budget? Why the hell are you not getting an a64 and ddr400 ram? that pc kinda sucks, espesially the x600pro lmao
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