cheap place to get windows pro for razer blade laptop?


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i was looking at places like j something cdkeys and it shows like 12 bucks to buy a windows 10 pro license but i dont know if its a legit place

i shopped at actual cdkeys for games but not for any other software can anyone confirm those stores are legit?
i dont want to pay 99 bucks to upgrade an old laptop that cost me less than that
unless someone has an unused license for razer blade stealth laying around from a broken laptop

i just want to get rid of constant prompt to register with microsoft which apparently is a thing on windows home they really insist on me using MS account for my windows
I've purchased all my Windows keys from, one of them being a Windows Server 2022 Standard license for 36 bucks. Techpowerup has posts here and there in their news are with coupons to get it real cheap and Office too. Paid 7 bucks for my wife's Windows 10 key.
Not sure of global Amazon, but on the local branch I see prices for less than $5 USD with a quick search just now. I bought one last year for my nephew and it seems to still work today. Office 2016 back then too, but it was more than $10 USD.

Give Amazon a try. Not sure of if it's 100% legit, tho. It could be a corporate key(s) or something.
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