cheap mp3


Daemon Poster
I use itunes, $.99 US for a song, or 9.99 for an entire album. the only problem is that when you download them, the format they are in is protected AAC, which you can play on your computer, you just cant put it onto an mp3 player other than a kind of Ipod. Also, you could try using walmart music downloads, $.88 a song they have a pretty decent amount of music to, but you need to have WMP10 installed to use it i beleive... which you can download for free from microsoft.

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
yeah and i have seen alot of $.99 cent a month sites too if you do a google search for "dollar sites" i think that's the search word.

But anyway's they have alot of these sites out their, wether their legit or not, i cannot confirm that as of yet.


If your in Canada.. go to Futureshop's website. They have Bonfire which you can download songs for cheap there. Check it out.