Chasis Fan + Installing OS issue


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i have a cooler master 690 and 3 fans come with the case, and the fans also come with some power connectors. in fact, the fan cable comes out of the fan, attaches to the power connector and then there is another power connector attached to that!!!

do i just connect one of the power connectors or BOTH????


my new build is nearly complete and i was about to hook up my older CD / DVD burner to the new rig and just noticed that the mobo (asus p6t deluxe WS pro) does NOT have a IDE connector :mad: so how can i hook up my cd/dvd burner? am i screwed??
could i take the cd-burner out of my laptop and use that?
do cd-burners now use USB or SATA?
options please?????

is it possible to install an OS with a USB stick???? thats all i really want to do to be honest as i NEVER use the CD / DVD burner.

ps, originally i had ordered the asus p6t deluxe v2 board but the shipper was out of stock and replaced it with the WS pro. i thought it was all good until just NOW when i realized no IDE SUPPORT :mad:


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there are also little dealys that u can use that convert IDE to SATA aswell, but there 20 bucks and ya mise well just get a newer drive with that 20 bucks ;)


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have found a few tutorials on how to install VISTA using a USB stick but each tutorial says you need to already have VISTA installed or for it to work :(

i'm on winXP Pro SP3 and would like to do the same thing...any ideas?

ps, if no one knows, i'll get a sata burner tomorrow....but thats tomorrow....let's sort this out now :)


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Give it a shot through the USB drive to see if it works. I've never installed through a USB, only on to one. It should work just like working on a CD, you just need to make sure that the OS CD is burned into an ISO onto the USB drive.