Changing to a lower version of Directx?

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I currently have directx 11, using windows 7 64bit.. Alot of my games are running crappy even though my specs are way above the recommended specs for these particular games.. I am thinking it is my directx 11, If I install dx 9, will it mess things up being that I am on windows 7 64? Is there a way to have both versions and boot up or set it to whichever one I want to use? Thanks.

1.SOme games right now don't currently support directx 11 fully just yet.
2.No you cannot not have 2 different versions of directx on your pc as one of the current direct x program installs will overrun, override and replace the other one.
3.I recommend you download directx 10 which is highly supported these days.

Also post your specs so that we cann see what is really going on and hlp you out more.
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