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By the grace of God, Jesus, and everything that is considered holy in this world, could somone please tell me (IN western ENGLISH) how to change system icons, say like: ALL FOLDERS in Windows 2000, Without any programs?? :confused:

Please tell me. :cool:
When you right click on a folder, go to properties, then customize, maybe its there, maybe not, but that with XP. Wish I could tell you for sure but maybe I'm close.
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That *** damn feature is only in XP. :( i wish this were easier. i can't believe IconPacager on Wincustomize.com is somwhere around $25.00!!! :angry: :cool:
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That link is great!! Thanks! I even changed the way the start menu looks! :D

Now there's the matter of changing the entire GUi. say things like: titlebars n open windows & stuff like that.


Any suggestions?? :cool:
There may be something here for you!!!!!!!!!

The FreshDevices does require an email registration so maybe a
GMail account is a good idea here if you dont like giving out your
email. Its painless and really not a problem. You simply get a link
in your email to download the program and program updates
periodically. Check out FreshUI. I get the updates without any
probelms-no spam etc..........

Here is some freeware Icon creators and editors......

Browse all of SnapFiles freeware categories.
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