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I loaded a used cd/rw into my tower today and hooked on the same ide cable as the cdrom and proceeded to hookup its power supplyas well. The installation seemed to go fairly easily. since i didn't have the original cd installation drivers i just let xp and its cdrom install it. i have nero 5.5 installed as well and when i right click on a downloaded song i get "no device detected" as well when i try to copy a cd it get errors and the burn cannot even start..

Any suggestions as i kave seen this burner working in the other pc it came out of.
intel celeron 1100 mhz
256 sdram
A open 16/10/32 cd/rw model crw1632
lg 52x cdrom

Im set the burner as slave because the cdrom was set as master.

I have tried a cdin the cd/rw and it did infact start and run as well as have sound. This may strange but i didn't connect what i thought was the plug for audio.
also this is a dual boot 98 and xp and i am using xp now as the main system.
the driver on the site was a dos driver and i think that may be above what i can do alone.
i have switched the master / slave around to se if that would make a diff but no.
Here is a link to my mobo. I seem to have only one available plug on it as thr hard drive is using the other. Can i set up the cdrom and cd/rw on this comp together even if they don't like each other on the same cable?

also in device manager there are no conflicts and both roms are present.
In addition i have attached the report from the nero info tool. does this look ok ?


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