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:confused: I runned Norton Antivirus and scanned my PC, afterwards, I inserted a UDF formatted disk on my CD-RW drive and it doesnt read but just an hour ago it did. I also tried other disks like a CD-R Audio disk and The Sims installation disk but they dont work either but my CD-ROM drive was able to read those disks. Could the prob be on the CD-RW itself or on my OS and if it is w/ the CD-RW drive could it still be repaired or should I have a replacement?
Try rebooting.
Then try uninstalling the drivers. Then reinstal. If that doesn't work. Take off Norton, see if that works. If everything fails, reinstall windows. If that don't work, then get a new one.
Well, again, thanks guys. I tried rebooting my PC and my Quarantine section is empty. I found the solution. Just turn off (not just restarting) your computer and try to open it again for the PC to redetect the drive again. Anyway thanks 4 d help again guys.
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