CD-RW in USB2.0 Storage Device not recognized

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I just recently bought a USB2.0 PCMCIA Cardbus for my laptop and the only thing it seems to find is my scanner. It can't find my joystick, mouse, or my storage driver (burner). I don't want to send it back because I need it to burn CDs faster. I'm not sure if it needs the power tap to be hooked up. What do I do?
Hmm, try re-installing the USB 2 PC card drivers, after that, i'd call the manufacturer.
It still doesn't do any good. I don't even think there's a difference if you use the drivers on the CD it came with or Windows XP drivers. No matter what, it's the same situation. Do I not have enough bus power??? Any services that need to be turned on in XP? I really appreciate it to whoever replies back.
ok now the card is fully operational, but it detects the Mass Storage device as a USB 2.0 Root Hub or Unknown device. Every other device that I connect comes up as Unknown device. What can be wrong?? I thought this was "simple" technology.
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