CD-rom problems

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I'm having trouble with my CD-rom drive. Just today or yesterday it stopped working. It seems to work fine mechanically, but my computer no longer recognizes it in the BIOS or when I try to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Had that same thing happen to me with a Creative 52x, just stopped working for some reason, wasn't hot or anything, it's wierd. Do what microbell said, if that doesn't work then i'm out of ideas.
well you gotta check the cables alright and please specify your system specs ...especially the motherboard.

some motherboards do have that suddenly not responding the cd rom ....
I checked the cables, and they're fine. I have an MSI K7N420 PRO (Nforce chipset), AMD Athlon proccessor, a G4Ti4200 video card also made by MSI, a Western Digital 40 Gig HDD.
oh...nforce...guessed it right anyway..
one of my colleague ended up replacing the cdrom...because other cd roms worked fine and this one didn't.
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