CD-R /CD-RW media speeds

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What's the significance of the CD-R or CD-RW speeds listed on the media? I have a CD-RWs that is multi-speed 1x,2x,4x! It says "Designed for optimum performance in these speed CD-RW writers"...

Does that mean they can't be written at any higher speed than 4x? Will they have burn errors with higher speed drives?

Just wondering...
Most burning software will not let you write any faster than the maximum speed the media allows.
i have had problems when burning at a higher speed than the media is rated for. It will burn just fine but then when i would try to read from the cd that i just burned it was all messed up and wouldn't read the cd to well.
I had the same problem too...
it burnt it well but the data wouldn't show up.When I saw the size it showed it corectly...but the files and folders were not seen..
E, and MB are dead on,,, the software should detect the speed,,

my question,, where did you get those cd's?? I havent seen burn speeds like that for a few years??

Maybe buy new(er) cd-rw's and avoid the whole issue,,, the medium is the master

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