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Well, I just had to format my computer because of a mad virus, and then I had to format, but when I got a hold of my Win 98 SE CD. I totally lost the case, and as well the same for worrd 2000. It sux, if anyone can help me out with CD keys for those 2 programs, it would be totally awesome.

And it doesn't help that I just moved a few weeks ago and everyhting is in boxes.

So if someone can help me out, it would be great.
Sorry dude, im not going to give you my cd keys, and im not saying you can download keygens or goto a search engine and look up "win98 serial number" either.. its bad. VERy bad.. ya hear me!
and never, I repeat NEVER, use programs Like Kazaa for situations like this,,

it is a huge infringement on Licensing,,,

there is just too much information posted there!

Get it?!
Well, if you actually call the company, they can tell you where to go to find it, or they will issue you a new one, no lie, I had to do that with my windows! Just give microsoft a call!
yep just give us a call and we should give you a new one without charge, and if not let me know and I'll see what I can do for you
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