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I have a Toshiba CD/DVD player in my pc. After being gone today for a couple of hours, and someone elxe playing on my pc, I returned to find the blue screen of death.

After rebooting, I found out that my CD/DVD would not work. I tried to play a DVD, it spun up but nothing ever happened. My cp says it's working okay. When I went to My Computer, it didn't show anything in my drive, and it said it was unavailable.

So, what should I do to get this working? What's the first thing to always check?

Oh, and please explain in non-techie terms, I'm technologically impaired. :D Thanks for all help!
1st thing is the BIOS detecting your drive/s? I would check the cables 1st. Then reboot. If that doesn't work I would Uninstall the drive/s in Device Manager, Shut down (not reboot). Then restart your computer and let Windows re-detect the drives!

I did the uninstall and then shutdown. During restart, it detected and added the drivers. After putting in a CD, it still says that the device in unavailable.

Now, I realized you said to check the cables first. Oops! Well, I'll do that now. :)
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