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i have cd drives one the first D and the second E i tried installing starcraft in both of em and it won't work nothing happens when i load the cd in everything just stops working it's like if my computer were to freeze but i can still move the mouse and then when i take out the cd everything begings's really weird what can i do/.


same thing happens when i insert counter strike.

I just waited about half an hour to an hour and then the cd autorun finally pops up.

it is really weird though.

I even tried about 10 different computers and the same problem occured.


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What OS? I would do the following if it is XP: Go to Run>type Msconfig: go to startup and remove eveything from startup but your antivirus/antispyware and systray. Defragment the drive. When this is done go to control panel>System>Hardware>and remove the secondary IDE channel. (make sure you have your original mobo CD with the IDE and chipset drivers) windows may just find the secondary IDE channel without drivers but you may need them so make sure you have the mobo cd or download the drivers from the web (once the secondary IDE channel is removed-reboot)once the esecondary IDE channel has been reinitialized, right click on the cd and go to properties and make sure that DMA is enabled and the hardware acceleration slider is set to max. Hopefully it's XP because if you have 98se or ME you may have to reformat and reinstall windows.
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