cd and dvd drives no longer work

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Well i got my new computer which has a dvd drive, a cdrw drive and a zip drive. Unfortunatley when i received it, the zip drive was not hooked up (either they forgot or it came unplugged in shipping). So I hooked up the zip drive as a slave to the hard drive. I did not touch the cables that were hooked to the cd drives. When i started up my computer, both cd drives were no longer showing up and the zip drive is working properly. The cd drives still had power but they were not showing up in the device manager or anywhere nor where they reading. Again, i did not do anything with the cables for the cd drives.

So I figure I would unplugged the zip drive so it was back to the way it started. Turned the computer back on and cd drives still were not there.

Running win XP Home. Leadtek winfast K7NCR18G PRO mobo.

If you need any other info let me know.


Thanks for your reply, that is exactly what happened the cable was just slightly disloged from the board. I was just coming back on to post an update.
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