CCTV cameras through a switch


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Hi all,

My question is rather simple but I can't find an answer anywhere.
I have a 8CH POE CCTV system on which I have 4 cameras running, the cameras are all around the outside of my house with the NVR in the roof space. I have a single Cat5e cable running from my house underground to my garage around 30m away where I a WIFI router.
Can I add 3 more cameras around my garage connected to a POE switch and back to the NVR via the Cat5e cable and another switch? The question is will the 3 camera signals go through the switches ok or will that not work? I'm unsure how they would be ‘broken out' again on the other side but assume its just as simple as adding the cameras via their IP address but want to be sure before purchasing additional cameras and a POE switch.

Thanks for any help provided and sorry if this is not in the correct thread for this type of question
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