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Hey I'm going to attend college for industrial technology: specialization in networking and mean while in college. Aside form school work I will try to get my CCNA certification. And I was wondering if any of you out there have this certification and how much it has helped you out. How much money (if not too personal) you or they make what kind of job is it. stuff like that smile.gif thank for your help !


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im currently at college doing the CompTIA Network+, which i guess you could say is one down the from ccna, but a gd starting point, from wot iv seen as my college is an cisco networking academy there is loads of stuff out there to help you, cisco even do online thing, E-learning i think its called, i dont no if ur from the uk or not but theres a website i use:

average salary for a ccna in the uk is - £36,665, which is quite alot

average salary in the uk for a job in IT is about £37k now, soo yh theres loads of stuff out there 2 help you, and its a gd payed job.

after i finish my college course, im going to be doing the ccna & ccnp, i hope to of done it about this time next year.


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For ccna certification you can try this link because i also passed ccna certification with help of this site.
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