Cat5e question.

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Let me see if I can explain this right. Let's say I have pre-made cat5e. It is terminated type B. The plug in the wall is type A and runs to the other plug on the other end which is Type A. The cable on the other side is type B. Is that a problem? Because most of the pre-made cables I see are type B.
Actually, what is better? Type A or type B?

Another question. What is the maximum length you can have a stranded cable. Monoprice sells 100' cables and say they work great. I have talked to people and they say they are great. What is your consensuses?
You would want to have the ends terminated the same way to avoid signal degradation due to the different impedance of each pair.

maximum length of cat5 is 100 meters or about 330 feet. A 100 foot run is no problem.
According to some research I just did online, stranded is used when flexibility is needed. I.E. Patch panels.

Solid, however, is slightly more adept in different environments. It is technically, better quality.

It should not be a problem with the ends, as long as you are wanting a straight-through/patch cable.

A-----------B is a crossover cable.

A-----------A is a straight through.

B-----------B is also a straight through.

So, B-----------A------------A-----------B should be a straight through cable.
yes b >A>A>B adds up to the wires being straight threw . Honestly there is no difference in quality of A vs B that I have found, But B is used more often and is suggested a lot of the time with no real explanation way. But to stay constant with the places I work and at home I use B
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