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Anybody know any good looking cases with a good PSU? All of the ones I see look like crap and are pretty expensive. I'm looking for an ATX Full Tower with front USB. 4 External 5.25's and 2 External 3.5's with a few internal 3.5's as well would be pretty good. Anyone wanna help:rolleyes:
Looks pretty cool! But... It's a bit out of my price range :(. And if I put beige cd drives in and a beige floppy drive.....won't it look a bit odd?!
$69 bucks is one of the cheapest GOOD full tower cases youll find. and If you add a good PSU, its about $100.

You can get or Paint the bezels on your drives to match.
I agree... If you're wanting to get a full tower case, the cheapest i've seen it is through for $69. U probably don't even need a full tower case, if you get just a mid-tower, u could cut the price down to about $50, but they don't get much cheaper than that... (unless u get a used 1)
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