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I am looking at getting a new case. I am looking to spend 60 to 80 dollars on it. I am lost on what would be a good decision though. I want one with plenty of room and good airflow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Antecs blow at wire management, the Xigmatek seems to be better, while a slot for the psu wires.

I agree that Antecs aren't the greatest for wire management, but if you look at the Xigmatek, it doesn't look much better.

Yes, it has that slot for the wiring. However, gettin' the 20+4 pin 4pin/8pin SATA/Molex power lines in there does not look like it would be easy. Plus, with that motherboard tray not being removable or the side not being removable, it would be very difficult getting the wiring where you need it to go.
Back side can't come off? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh wow, after looking at the pictures for the second time, I retract that statement... :crazy: I sat there and checked the pictures on the manufacturer's site before I made that statement. I need to pay more attention next time.
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