case speaker necessary?

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HI all. Just purchased a bare bones combo...mobo, processor, case, power supply, assembled. While ordering other parts I happenned to notice there is no case speaker in this case. Is this needed with the newer mobos? I would only use dial up modem to send fax, so wouldn't actually need to hear the dialing, but am wondering about the beeps the mobo is supposed to give to signal problems or acceptance of some stuff. If case speaker is not used, is it a bios option to have all sounds come out the on board sound? Mobo literature says where to connect the case speaker, but doesn't say if necessary.
i wouldnt say its absolutly neccasary, most new mobo's have detailed error messages on screen when somethings going on, the only time i could image it being useful is in a NO-VIDEO situation, and even then, thats a pretty simple thing to troubleshoot.
Do you think that is why it was left out of the bare bones assembly for the case, just not really needed anymore? Will the dial up modem come thru the on board speaker when dial up modem installed? Or is your advice to just forget about it? Thanks for your reply CCNIV
most likely the motherboard on the barebones is configured so it doesnt need the speaker, in other words, detailed error messages.

I doubt youll hear the modem through your speakers, but why would you want to, yuck. lol I would just not worry about it.
OK, I will leave it out. Thanks for your help. First build it myself unit, gets confusing out here:)
I understand, its a live and learn process, were here for ya!
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