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finally got a case modding forum. now i just need to think of something better then this to post in here:)
Ok... im trying not to laugh... :) It is when you modify your case, usually appearance wise. Like case windows, lights, etc. Also add useful things like a fanbus or rounded cables. Check out my site on case modding for pics and info.
the idea behind case modding is that no one likes beige the standard computer colour and u spend alot of cash on the inside of your comp and then hide it behind a beige cover. case modding shows off all your hardware eg. window kits and lights
lol what is with the 431W psu what is with the extra 1watt??

I was reading an fhm from 1997 the other day and they were reviewing laptops there was one which cost £3,000 and had a 10gb hardrive lmao
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