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I’m in my late 30s and looking to make a career change. I’m seriously looking into IT, not sure the exact career path. I was into computers when I was younger but life and kids overwhelmed my interest.

What certifications/education levels are best to pursue? I already hold a BS in Psychology (worthless).

Also, if I did decide to go back to school, would a laptop or desktop be best? Any recommendations?

Thanks so much!
I don't know about your career change but as far as laptops and desktops are concerned it will depend on what you are going to do in the IT field. Laptops are fine for carting stuff from one place to another. They can also be useful for some programming etc. It's when you get to the program proving stages that things can get difficult with a laptop especially if you are doing any gaming stuff or graphics. Personally I would go for both. As powerful a laptop as you can afford and similarly for the desktop. The other big disadvantage of a laptop is the screen size. Normally 15.6 inches max, although bigger ones are available. Some graphics people and animators can have three or four big screens going on at once. Okay someone will come on and say you can attach a big screen to a laptop, which you can, but that gets messy in my opinion.
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