Card Games?

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I was wondering if anyone knew where and if you could download card games? Also if anyone has played the card game Asshole. Does anyone know if it can be downloaded? BTW I use Windows XP PRO
Thankyou very much. How do I get it started once I unzip the basilisk zip file? I tried clickin on one of the files and this is what appeared.
Just to make things easier, I'll send you a .HFV image with MacOS 8 on it. That way there's no more fiddling around. Asshole is already installed on it and I've verified that it works, so this evening I'll just send it to you (it's 25mb .RAR'ed)
BTW under the screen tab of the GUI.exe file I have it set to 256 megs 8bit next to colors but when I click on the Ashole FAT it say you need 256. Is there a setting in the MAC O.S. to change?
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