Can't set up wireless internet pls help! thanks!

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i have recently bought an smc wireless barricade g wireless router and modem. i also purchased an smc 54mbps wireless pci card. problem is i cant get them to work together.

it always says that the wifi internet is offline an i cant set set it up the only problem i can see that are causing this are: 1) in the instruction manual it says i have to go to to but it says i need to do this on the comp that i am configuring the router with, and i have already connected to the internet with another computer but that was with the ethernet cable and not wifi. 2) i put the pci card in before i installed the software, maybe this is the problem, when i did this the program jst said the wifi was offline, so i uninstalled it removed the pci card then in stalled it then put the pci card back in hoping this would fix the problem, as this is what it said to do in the instuctions, this only made it worse and now i acnt even open the program for the wifi conection.

It could be neither of these reasons, and to be honest networking is new to me and i dont really now how to do it so maybe there is something i should be doing that im not!

could you please point me in the right direction

thanks soo much for the help everything, i think what you people do to help ppl is great!


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Use the computer that is connected via cable to the router. You might need to get into the web configuration of the router and enable the wireless feature.


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ok <<< this is your routers address yes you navigate hear to configure your router.
usually you put a pci card in then install software and drivers.
could eb a firewall issue, but please give me more information i dont understand the full problem, best thign provide a screenshot.
check you have inserted the net key if you have one
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