Can't remove previous game installation !

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This is my first post.
So if there is a previous thread for my subject matter (I could not find it), please forgive me and kindly guide me to the proper station.

I am working on a HP Pavilion 9870 (Win Me).

I purchased and installed a Casino game (Reel Deal Vegas Casino) with online play. As with many other online games, to get to online play I have to setup an “account” (an email address and password), and then once online I can create, edit, and remove a casino character. However, I do not want to use this email and password username anymore, but there is no option within the game and online to change the initial email and password. I can, however, change my characters all I want, but not the initial “to get to the online play” email and password account.

So, I uninstalled the game and removed all references from the registry (at least what I could easily find) and re-installed. But when I go to sign up for online play it refers to my initial email and password from previous installation!

Finally, the question: How can I completely un-install the game, so I can start from scratch as if I am installing the game for the first time? Or for that matter, how can I completely un-install any program, to include cleaning out it's references in the registry and/or any other hidden nooks and crannies? Or could it have nothing to do with the installation and the online game registrar is recognizing my IP address and not something within the computer itself?



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first uninstall it then go to your C:/Program Files/*the folder it installed to*. if the folder that the game installed to is still there delete it also there could be a folder somewhere else like with limewire it creates a folder for your settings in the c:/documents and settings/.limewire folder. i would sugest just doing a search for anything with the word vegas in it and see what comes up that should guide you to anything to do with the game.
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