Can't Record Good Videos - Audio-video lag (Windows 10 laptop)


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Hello! I am trying to record some videos on my computer, and every time I try to record (whether in Zoom, through my built-in camera app, or in some other application) my lips don't match with my words. My laptop uses Windows 10. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thanks so much!

Joseph Sami

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Your audio and video may become out of sync in Windows 10 for a few different reasons. An inadequate sound configuration, outdated audio drivers, or a sluggish internet connection are all potential causes. However, occasionally the audio-video issue has nothing to do with your computer or browser and is instead brought on by the streaming service you're utilizing.

But you can follow some simple steps

1. Switch off your computer. You should restart your computer if you haven't shut it down in a while. By doing this, you give it the chance to clear its memory and stop a few background activities.
2. Start the app over. If you notice the audio and video are out of sync, try closing the multimedia player and starting it again. You can also change to a different programme.
3. Count the resources your system is consuming. The audio and video could lag if you have too many applications open at once. Check the CPU consumption by launching Task Manager. It could be wiser to wait until the installation of a new piece of software because this typically occurs during that process.

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