Can't install XP SP 1

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I have just made a clean install XP on my computer. After the installation was done I went to Windows update to get the latest updates. I downloaded and installed about 30 updates.

BUT - I just can't install SP1.... It downloads fine but when I try to install it I just get an error msg:

"Service Pack 1 Installation error

X The installation program for Service Pack 1 was cancelled/interrupted"

I have a Swedish verion so the msg is translated.

I have tried to download and install it over and over with the same result.

It's frustrating - this is the only message I get. No clue at all what is wrong. I have tried everything that is suggested on Microsofts help page with no result.

Does abyone know why this happens? What can I do?

Last time I installed XP, a year ago, I could install SP1 wothout any problems...

Yes - I have downloaded it separately. I have also disabled Norton antivirus and Zone Alarm Pro...
Just so you know and you won't be embarrased if it isn't legit--

You will not be able to install SP1 without a **valid** key that you will not be supplied with from this forum, but if you know somebody that knows somebody, then you may be in luck.

If this is not the case and it IS a legit copy, then call the MS tech line and they will help you with what you need.

Tech-Forums does not endorse or recommend piracy/warez. Support your local Monopoly and buy the product. :)
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