can't file share on MSN

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Hi I'm a mac newby so bear with me ..lots of no doubt stupid questions to come!

Ihave MSN downloaded and works fine on a 466 old clamshell ibook running OSX10.2.8 (acquired it to try mac!) BUT when I try to send a file I get a 'connection blocked contact your administrator' message.

I can received least from the pcs on my home network (I have 3 pcs and this mac all quite happily working off my router) but I can't send.

I have looked at the settings as far as I can find..MSN is 'allowed' its just the file share isn't!
Any suggestions in newby proof language?!!!


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I don't use MSN, but I do network Macs with PCs, so bear with me.

Are you talking MSN Hot-Mail, MSN Messenger, or what? Are you talking about sending e-mail attachments, or are you trying to transfer files between your Mac and PC HDs via your LAN (home network).

It's also possible the Mac version of some software uses different ports than the PC version, and these ports need to be enabled in your router.

If you have a DSL account, try pluging your modem's ethernet cable directly into the Mac (bypassing the router), use the PPPoE tab in the Network control panel if required to log on to your DSL account, and see if things work correctly. If they do, you probably need to research the software a bit and tweek the port settings in your router.
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