Cant Delete a picture *Screenshots*!

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I dont know if this is the right section, sorry in advance, but its not a camera issue i believe but a windows issue.

Ran into one of the most confusing problems Ive had with a camera.
Been using my dads Nikon Coolpix L100 and i have 1 picture that wont let me delete it.
Doesn't have the option to delete it and i cant rename it or anything *see below*.
Any ideas on why this is.
Oh and i used Tracks Eraser Pro to try and shred the file (its a file shredding program) but that doesn't work either.

Thanks in Advance.



Is that your pricture or one that came with the camera? My thought is you can't delete it because the file is permissioned in a way to not allow you to delete it.
Try creating a new folder on your desktop, and dragging the picture into it. See if you can delete that whole folder on your desktop now.

You could also try opening up a command prompt and typing "cd desktop" and then "del file.jpg" whatever the file name is. Maybe that could work?
I don't think its a memory card in the camera; pretty sure its being stored on the camera's internal memory.

Try formatting the camera's memory through the camera itself (should be an option in the menu somewhere). if that doesn't work, try Unlocker to allow the file to be deleted and hit the Del key on your keyboard if it doesn't give an option in the right click menu.
If Carnage's suggestions don't work, check the camera and see if the file is protected. That will keep the picture from being erased, except when the internal memory/memory card is formatted.
also make sure the photo has not been locked in the camera if you set it to be locked on the camera you wont be able to delete it so go back to your camera see if it is locked if so unlock it and delete it off the camera.
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