Can't access Cisco CCM on Windows 10


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Hello all. I have a strange problem that is probably related to Windows update. I am running a Windows 10 x64 machine at my job and I am able to access our Cisco Unified CM Admin & Cisco Unity Connection Admin webpages when using Internet Explorer. I have a feeling that this is related to a Windows update that disabled some protocols or something that Cisco is using for their phone system. I previously had Windows 7 and we were able to pinpoint which update broken the connection using Internet Explorer but cannot figure it out with Windows 10. I'm currently using Chrome to access the phone system but not all features work correctly. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
Try using compatibility mode view in Internet Explorer 11:

1. Open Internet Explorer 11.
2. Press the Alt key on the keyboard to display the menu bar.
3. Go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings.
4. Enter your web address for your Cisco admin webpages, Add then close.
5. Restart Internet Explorer and try again.
@Alvin.C I tried that but still had the same issue. One of the IT Admins said that there is some MS patch that is blocking older http and https patches, but that is the problem that we can't figure out..
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