Cannot upload anything via Internet Explorer


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Hello everyone, Its my frist time to this forum. I've got this problem with my computer and I am stumped.

I cannot upload anything from my computer through Internet Explorer. If I do, the webpage freezes and I lose all internet connection untill I manually restart the computer. So If I try uploading a picture to my website it will freeze, and if I open another IE it will not connect to the internet. No matter what I do, I cannot close the frozen webpage.

I have completely reformatted my harddrive, and installed a fresh copy of XP. Still, the same problem. So i figured that it could be a hardware malfunction, so I installed a new ethernet adapter and it does the same thing. I have all the windows XP updates.

I have no antivirus running. Only Zone Alarm Pro. Im using comcrap high speed internet through a linksys router. As far as I know the router is in mint condition and setup properly. My sister on the other end doesnt not experience the same problem as me.

Just incase you need to know, here are my computer specs.

Shuttle AB60R mobo
p4 2.8@3.0 w/ht
1gig ddr 2100 and 2700 mem (mixed)- im broke :-/

Thanks for any help!


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wtf.... where the HELL did you hear that?

it's the other way around. Internet Explorer is full of viruses and exploits. That's probably why it's not working for you. Mozilla is much safer, and better.

EDIT: Whoa, you posted right when i was typing. Glad it worked, always happy to see more Mozilla users out there. :)