Cannot install XP


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I upgraded my Mobo and CPU and had to do a fresh install of XP, but now it will not install. I can usually get it past the point of entering all the info on install but then comes the BSOD. I have had 2 different error messages on the BSOD 1. IRQL LESS NOT EQUAL and 2. PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA. I have checked the BIOS after it has happened to see if the CPU had overheated but it showed the temp as 45 deg, which is ok. Does anyone have any ideas?. My setup is,

Optronix 279AA-AL3 Mobo
2500 XP barton CPU
2 x 256Mb PC2100 DDR ram
30gb Quantum Fireball HD
80gb Maxtor HD
Liteon CD-RW drive
NEC DVD-RW drive
Is this after or before you have entered the Authenication Code? Ring up Microsoft and see what they have to say. Its probably just the system thinking that you still have it installed on another computer. They can sort that out easy.