Can YOU think of a good name for a new website?

Hello Everyone,

You may be aware that I will soon be hosted with Camers.

I was hoping of transferring PCforums to my new hosting, but this is not possible as my current host dose not allow downloading a backup of the MySQL database :( .

So, I don't want to waste the space, so I am starting a computer portal whare people share and read atricles, add links to a link database, talk in the forum, add downloads in the download database, and that sort of thing. I will run it on PHP Nuke.

Problem is, I will start making the logo, but I need to find a name for it!

I was thinking along the lines of "PC Central" but if anyone else has any suggestions I will take them into account. YOU could name a website!

Anything is apprcieated.


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Um yeh pc central is good, but i reckon it will be taken i reckon u need somit unique, i am rubbush at thinking of names.


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yeh im terrible at names
cant even think of a new domain name for my self

so far i thought like fireblade but that was taken


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who ya hosted with and what "config" ya got I can tell ya how to SSH or soemthing and get in to make one bypassing the control panel