Can you hook up a CD-RW to a Raid controller?

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I have an Epox m-board that has a Raid controller on it and I wondered if I could hook up my CD-RW to it.
You sure can, as long as you dont enable the RAID portion of it, they function as normal IDE controllers.
how do you do that? cause i have an abit kx7-333 raid board and i have my 2x 120 gig deskstars on my IDE 3 and 4, but when i try to put the dvd-rom drive or cdrw drive on the 3 and 4 it doesn't recognize the drives. not that i don't enjoy having a seperate channel for each of my devices :)


Don't configure the DVD or the CDRW drive on the 3 or 4 channel. You've got RAID set to work on those channels and thereforth the optical media won't work as you need 2 hard disk drives when configuring RAID. Put your DVD and or CDRW on channels 1 or 2 and leave your RAID set on 3 or 4. After doing this you should be able to have access to the optical media and still have your RAID.

I should add that channels 3 and 4 will be the IDE2. Channels 1 and 2 will be IDE1. These are the positions where the Ribbon cable connects to the motherboard. Look on the board itself to see which one is IDE1 and IDE2.
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