Can you help me to complete the puzzle of computer software...


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1 A program designed to perform a specific function. (11)

2 A general term for programs which do not form part of a computer but are used when operating it. (8)

3 A facility which allows the user to read in a file of names and create 'personalized' letters. (4,5)

4 A sequence of instructions that is repeated until a desired condition is reached.(4)

5 A program that manipulates rows and columns of figures, used especially for accounting. (11)

6 The combined use on computer of text. graphics, video, animation, and sound. (10)

7 The ___ editor is a systems program that fetches required systems routines and links them to the object module. (7)

8 The business of preparing, printing, and distributing books or magazines, etc. to the public. (10)

9 Someone who creates new software products. (9)

10 A program or series of programs directed at some generic application (e.g. w processing) that can be tailored by the user to match his individual needs. (7)

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2 - You mean like Operating system? Something like a source, or kernel

9 - programmer

10 - Not sure, but something along the lines of interactive software