Can you help me find an old PC/Mac game?


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It struck me how I played a lot of computer games when I was a kid, and I don't remember them :ermm:

I'm 16, so I think it was around 2000-2005. I think we had an Imac.
This computer game had a black solider and "it" started out in a hallway like place, you move forward maybe shooting a "grey triangle" like thing, then out into an open field, shooting ships (I think) and that's all I remember :p

Sorry if this doesn't help and sounds weird, I would just like to see this game again. Oh and another game you controlled a dinosaur (looked 3D) and that's all I remember to lol. Thanks if you can think of them :)


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Well, I just went and died. My brother was playing, and I kinda just helped him spam a few buttons.

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The dinosaur one is there you fly a perodactyl and it has a laser backpack