can you build my PC for me?

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hello everyone..

im getting my 1st gaming PC but im not ready or confident enough to build it myself..
im just too scared to mess up the parts.. and parts are not cheap..

does anyone leaves around Socal that can help me build my gaming pc?? or do you know any good shop where i can get it done...

thank you..
Building computers is much easier and quite a bit safer than you think - if you can put together a LEGO kit, then you can put together a computer just as easily ;) Every part comes with instructions on how to fit them into each other (for example, the RAM will have instructions on how to fit it into the motherboard - and the motherboard manual will too).

Computer parts are pretty durable, and can usually withstand you dropping them (not that I recommend you do). Try not to touch the parts (with your hands) where they connect to each other - though even if you touch them accidentally you're unlikely to run into any problems.

If you're sure you don't want to built it yourself, then we can help you choose parts. You can probably find a computer shop who will be happy to put the parts together for you (for a price, obviously). Try looking in the Yellow Pages, assuming where you live has one.
ok. thank you for ur encourgement... i think i would feel better and proud if i would build my pc, than paying some1.. im still researching on parts....
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